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Jimi Pappas: How Music Makes Me (29 Dec. 2008)

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Jimi Pappas

Jimi Pappas

Jimi Pappas

How Music Makes Me

29 December 2008

Jimi Pappas was born in New Jersey to a musical family. He made his mark as an ace heavy rock drummer and lead singer. In the late 70’s and early 80’s he played with many top bands in New York/New Jersey area, always searching for that elusive BIG record deal and contributing as a songwriter from behind the drums. Some of his former band members did hit it big, and went on to become members of Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osborne, White Lion, and Hall & Oats.

During his heavy rock days, Jimi had other ideas that were taking him in a different musical direction, towards a brighter more melody oriented pop sound. Drawing from his earliest influences of The Beatles, 60’s/70’s radio classics, his teenage love of 70’s progressive rock (i.e. Yes, Genesis, Supertramp), and the mellow sounds of acoustic bands (i.e. Eagles, James Taylor), he was slowly putting together songs that were completely different then the music he was performing on drums at the time. Finding he was more comfortable playing an acoustic guitar, then pounding it out on drums under the hot lights of a huge Jersey rock club, he left the heavy stuff behind.

In the mid 80’s Jimi began playing drums for tribute acts and various international concert/casino shows, The Cast of BeatleMania, and Eddie U and The Turns, to name just a few. This all lead to a spot as drummer/road manager with legendary Chubby Checker (The Twist). In 1996, multiple world tours later, Jimi became a founding member of The British Invasion, A Beatles, 60’s revival show at Disney’s EPCOT in Orlando, Florida, more than 10 years running. Jimi continues to tour with various Beatles acts, including Classical Mystery Tour, the Cast of BealtleMania and many others.

Being off the road has enabled him to go back and clean out his musical closet, and that’s what this “New Jersey Pops-From the Basement” is all about. Digging through ideas and takes, he has finally rerecorded some of his tunes from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Jimi performs all vocals, drums, and guitars on this album, with help from producer/engineer Frank Starchak on bass and keys. “Retro power pop meets acoustic rock with progressive sophistication, is how I describe this CD. I hope you enjoy it.

Jimi’s most recent cd, “Tropical Salvage” is in a more acoustic vein, and Jimi reveled in its simplistic production and also enjoys performing the tunes live. Ten wonderful songs put you positively in a place where your heart is warm! Back to his acoustic roots, with a dash of trop-pop-folk, Jimi handles all the vocals, guitar and percussion. Recorded between August and October 2007, some tracks were done at Jimi’s home studio, others at Jay Burns’ studio, The Sound Workshop, and additional tracks were done at The Deltona Arts Center Recording Studio, where all the tracks were then brought together and mixed by producer Frank Starchak.

Jimi is already at work on another CD, and you will get a listening preview of one of his great tunes later on in our show.

Jimi says, “I have met so many wonderful people, friends, musicians, and fans all over the world because of music, including my number one fan, my incredible wife, Shelley! It is great to be able to do what you love and love what you do. I feel blessed every day that I can make music and the music makes me!”

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Morgana Rae: Financial Alchemy & Your Money Honey (22 Dec. 2008)

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Morgana Rae
Morgana Rae

Morgana Rae

Financial Alchemy & Your Money Honey

22 December 2008

For anyone who grew up with fables and King Arthur lore, you will remember the enchantress Morgana and half sister of Arthur. Well, today you can find her very namesake, the self-proclaimed Money Magic Queen is none the less magical, but fortunately for all of us, a much more benevolent sorceress. Morgana Rae uses her magical abilities to help others manifest wealth and abundance and prosperity in their lives.

Morgana is a leading expert on wealth manifestation and the owner of Charmed Life Coaching, a successful life and business coaching company. In her sessions, she stirs up a strong potion of life coaching, dynamic exercises, and loads of fun to help clients transform their lives.

What is her magical secret? She helps you create an entirely new relationship with Money – your next significant other or your ‘money honey’ as she calls him – and build one of love, trust and mutual respect. Not only do you find that your relationship with money has changed dramatically, and you get to reap the rewards, you’ll also find that your relationships with partners, clients, family and friends improve too.

“Money is the #1 excuse for people not living their dreams,” explains life coach Morgana Rae.  How would you like to honor your values, live your purpose, and make lots of money too? Your financial situation reflects your inner relationship with money: if you don’t like your finances, you need to change that relationship. This inner shift can cause shocking economic improvements. Discover and transform your inner obstacles to wealth with a unique process Morgana calls Financial Alchemy. Learn more about Morgana and financial alchemy at

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Victoria Theodore: The Musical Life (15 Dec. 2008)

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Victoria Theodore

Victoria Theodore

Victoria Theodore

The Musical Life

8 December 2008

Victoria Theodore received her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classical Piano Performance and Computer Music from Oberlin College / Conservatory of Music (where she studied piano with Sedmara Zakarian Rutstein), and her Master of Arts degree in Classical Piano Performance from Stanford University (where she studied piano with George Barth and vocal accompaniment with Judith Bettina). As a teen, Victoria studied with Eugene Gash (1920-1995), the first African-American concert pianist to perform a solo concert at Carnegie Hall, and a student of E. Robert Schmitz (1889-1949), a student of composer Claude Debussy. During her Stanford years, Victoria also studied Jazz Piano with Mark Levine, Bill Bell and Frank Martin.

While studying for her MA, Victoria performed with several San Francisco Bay Area ensembles and bands, including The Peninsula Symphony, Theatreworks, Hayward Little Theater, Oakland Youth Chorus, and jazz bands Victoria Theodore Quintet, Time Will Tell Sextet, LMNOP and 10BassT. Shortly after graduation from Stanford, Victoria toured nationally as a keyboardist for Captiol Records artists Oaktown 357 – produced by MC Hammer.

After Oaktown 357’s tour ended, Victoria moved to New York City to run a multimedia company. In 2000, Victoria returned to the Bay Area after several years running her company, – a very successful venture which is still a market leader in same day media duplication.

Beginning in August, 2007, Victoria was hired to tour with legendary musical genius Stevie Wonder, playing keyboards and singing background vocals in his band. She has traveled around the world with Stevie and looks forward to more touring! (And yes, it’s as fabulous as you’d imagine!)

Victoria is a highly sought Bay Area pianist, keyboardist and accompanist, respected for her wide ranging musical versatility. Victoria resides in San Leandro, CA, and teaches students from her home when she’s not performing with various R&B, jazz, gospel, pop and classical artists.

Learn more about Victoria on her website

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Lisa Broesch: The Blissful Life (8 Dec. 2008)

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Lisa Broesch

Lisa Broesch

The Blissful Life

8 December 2008

Before forming InBliss Coaching and Consulting Company, Lisa Broesch was dedicated to a 20-year career within the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation.

As Director of Entertainment Strategic Planning, Creative Development and Communications for SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove Theme Parks, she traveled around the world benchmarking customer experiences and service quality initiatives.  Additionally, she co-developed Busch Entertainment Corporation “World Class Service” programs and instructed front line employees, performers, and company executives in theme parks nationwide on the art of developing professional relationships with internal and external customers and polishing their professional presence.  Over the years, her train-the-trainer programs have positively impacted millions of guests across the nation.

Utilizing her additional experience and expertise as a corporate executive, seasoned media spokesperson, corporate trainer, Director of Costuming, and certified coach, Lisa now consults with individuals and businesses to develop the strengths to achieve greater goals, increase professional development, and achieve higher profitability.

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Michele Hudson: Adventures in Songwriting (1 Dec. 2008)

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Michele Hudson

Michele Hudson

Adventures in Songwriting

1 December 2008

Entrepreneur, marketing consultant, writer, and songwriter Michele Hudson loves the creative process and encouraging others to use their artistic gifts. Michele obtained a degree in Journalism from the University of Central Florida and has worked for a variety of companies and non-profits to communicate their messages, strengthen their brands, and develop client relationships.

She currently owns Top-of-Mind, marketing and promotions firm, and assists businesses and individuals with identifying ways to enhance their visibility. Michele especially enjoys working with musicians, recording artists, authors, and others who have a creative gift or product they long to share with the world.

Michele’s songwriting abilities surfaced in 2000 when she discovered her love of music and her skill with words could be crafted into songs. She writes using the a cappella method – the same technique used by Seal to write the Grammy-award-winning song, “Kissed by a Rose.” A strong lyricist, she enjoys collaborating with musicians to lend lyrical input, and appreciates the talents of musicians who put instrumental arrangements with her melodies. Michele is a member of Nashville Songwriters Association International and is a SESAC affiliate.

In eight years she has penned more than 500 songs in a variety of genres, including country pop, contemporary Christian, and classical pop, many of which have a jazz ambiance. Recently Michele has expanded her horizons to write profiles about musicians and is assisting artists with bookings and promotional opportunities. You can learn more about her and hear song samples at, or gain insights and inspiration through her new blog,

Michele lives in North Seminole County with her husband, teenage son, and terrier-mix. She sings and plays tambourine/percussion in a contemporary church service in Maitland. In her spare time she enjoys the natural beauty of her country-lake surroundings and learning more about God.

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Bonnie Lindberg: Mastering Destiny (17 Nov. 2008)

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Bonnie Lindberg

Bonnie Lindberg:

Mastering Destiny

17 November 2008

Bonnie Lindberg is outstanding woman of great determination and passion.  Bonnie is a design expert and owner of Lindberg Furniture.  She’s worked in the furniture industry for over twenty years, all the while volunteering in her community, raising a wonderful family, and now adding beautiful grandchildren to the mix.  In Bonnie’s free time, she supports local charity organizations, including sending goodies to the troops abroad. She also volunteers for Tony Robbins’ events, going above and beyond to create magic moments for attendees and fellow volunteers.  Bonnie’s enthusiasm and passion for life is infectious, and her nurturing spirit warms your heart.  Bonnie’s is a true leader and exemplifies what it means to master one’s destiny.

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Welcome to YOUnique! Life Starring YOU!

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YOUnique! Life Starring YOU!
airs LIVE Mondays at 10pm ET (9 pm CT, 8 pm MT, 7 pm PT)
on the ArtistFirst World Radio Network

Join Susan Stackpole, self-growth expert, host, and tour guide on an exciting journey into manifesting destiny. Extraordinary guests share stories and secrets of starting with a dream and creating destiny. Learn tips to supercharge your success and create the life you’ve always imagined.

Notable guests include: actors, athletes, artists, authors, business professionals, composers, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, life coaches, models, musicians, performers, songwriters, and more.

Show themes include: art, career advancement, cooking, dream-mapping, entertainment, finances, goal-setting, health, interior design, motivation, life skills, music, nutrition, pet-care, spirituality, travel, and more.

Guest Inquiries

Advertising/Sponsor Inquiries
Tony Kay (330) 581-4588

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